Attorney Joe St. Louis Speaks About Ira Lee's DUI Arrest

Although it has yet to be determined if the Arizona Wild Cats will discipline sophomore forward Ira Lee for his DUI arrest, Lee might be forced off of the court for months due to his legal issues.

If he is convicted of super extreme DUI, Lee could face a minimum of three days in jail and nine days of house arrest, as well as having to wear a GPS-enabled ankle bracelet. If Lee is convicted of extreme DUI, he will face a minimum of two days in jail and seven days of house arrest. Lee was pulled over by UA police just south of Sixth Street near Arizona Stadium.

There is the possibility that Lee’s charges are substantially reduced due to inconsistencies in his situation. Speaking to the Arizona Daily star, Tucson attorney Joe St. Louis said that the super extreme DUI charge against Lee “should get tossed.” This is because only one of Lee’s Breathalyzer tests was over the minimum blood-alcohol limit needed for that particular charge.

According to the police report, Lee’s Breathalyzer results were 0.215 and 0.198. Under Arizona state law, a test result of 0.20 is needed for a super extreme DUI charge. A Breathalyzer result of 0.15 is the minimum for extreme DUI. Lee was given two-part Breathalyzer tests twice because police claim the first test resulted in numbers that were greater than the 0.020 maximum differential allowed.

Attorney St. Louis said the combined results suggest that Lee might have had a distortion from “mouth alcohol,” like vomit, that caused the Breathalyzer to show a higher breath reading than was actually in his system. Mt. St. Louis also said that the Breathalyzer machine itself could have had an issue.

There is a possibility that Lee’s case could be reduced to a regular DUI, which would carry a minimum sentence of one day in jail. The charges can also be reduced to what is known as a “baby DUI.” This charge is reserved for minors accused of drinking and driving. Lee turned 20 in March. Attorney St. Louis said that by passing the four points of a one-leg stand sobriety test, Lee may have helped his case.

 “You would not expect anybody who is genuinely 0.20 to complete that test fully,” said St. Louis.

Prior to Lee’s arrest, UA coach Sean Miller said, “Ira is one of many guys from last year’s team we’re really expecting to take a jump from their freshman to their sophomore year. In my experience with a talented player, often that’s the window of time when they make the most significant stride.”

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