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Representing Bus & Commercial Truck Drivers in Tucson, AZ

A driver who operates a bus, a tractor-trailer, a commercial truck or van is required to possess a valid commercial driver’s license (CDL). Originated by the Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1986, the issuance of a CDL recognizes the driver’s special training and skills in the safe maneuvering of large, heavy and commercial vehicles. The regulations governing CDLs are intended to protect passengers, other motorists, and the public. With the added skill set required to possess a CDL, comes added consequences.

Arizona DUI laws that Affect Commercial Drivers

A regular driver 21 or over will be charged with a DUI if their BAC is .08 or above. There is literature suggesting that everyone is impaired for the task of driving when they are genuinely a .08 as a result of alcohol consumed before or while driving. However, a CDL driver will be charged with a DUI if they are driving with a BAC of .04 — one-half of the minimum legal BAC that applies to other drivers. A commercial driver can also be charged for driving under the influence of drugs. Suspicion of impairment caused by any type of drug — including over-the-counter and prescription medications — can result in a DUI arrest with serious repercussions.

Penalties for DUI with CDL in Arizona

A conviction for DUI can end your career as a commercial driver. Depending on the circumstances of your charge, conviction can result in incarceration, fines, probation and installation of an interlock device in your vehicle. In addition to punishments other drivers face, you also risk:

  • First Offense — Loss of your CDL for one year
  • Second Offense — Loss of your CDL for life
  • Refusal to Submit to BAC or Drug Tests — Loss of your CDL for life

If you have been charged with DUI, then your commercial driver license and your livelihood are at stake. Our Tucson CDL DUI attorneys aggressively challenge the issues to preserve your rights, your liberty, and your job.

The attorneys at Nesci & St. Louis are 100% dedicated to criminal defense and DUI defense, and to representing individuals who have been injured or had their rights violated by the state or government. Our lawyers possess over 40 years of combined experience in criminal defense trials. We handle the most challenging DUI cases involving commercial licenses, high blood or breath alcohol content (BAC), and serious DUI accidents.

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