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Extreme DUI & Super Extreme DUI Losing Your Freedom Is Not an Option

Extreme & Super Extreme DUI Attorneys in Tucson

Arizona Extreme & Super Extreme DUI Penalties

Nesci & St. Louis exclusively handles criminal and DUI cases and representing individuals who have been injured or had their rights violated by the state or government. Our Tucson DUI attorneys have devoted our nearly 40 years of combined experience in achieving justice for individuals who are charged with crimes in Arizona courts.

We have earned a reputation as determined, effective defense lawyers statewide. Our team includes Joseph P. St. Louis, who is certified by the State Bar of Arizona as a specialist in criminal law, and by the National College for DUI Defense (as authorized by the American Bar Association) as a specialist in DUI Defense.

Our lawyers include Joseph P. St. Louis, who has completed extensive training in field sobriety, Intoxilyzer and blood alcohol testing, and is a sought-after instructor for other attorneys on DUI defense issues, at conferences throughout the United States. Mr. St. Louis has been invited to speak at more than 120 conferences around the country and James Nesci, retired, has published numerous books and articles to help other lawyers obtain justice for their clients.

Extreme DUI Definition

Violation of A.R.S. § 28-1382(A)(1) is typically referred to as extreme DUI: Having a blood/breath alcohol level above .15 and below .20 within two hours of driving a motor vehicle. Penalties include mandatory impounding of your car for 30 days and a mandatory 30 days in jail (2 days in jail and 7 days of home detention if home detention is available and you agree to keep a breath tester (ignition interlock) in your car for a longer period of time).

Super Extreme DUI Definition

Violation of A.R.S. § 28-1382(A)(2) is typically referred to as super extreme DUI: Having a blood/breath alcohol level of .20 or greater within two hours of driving. Penalties include mandatory impounding of your car for 30 days and 45 days in jail (3 days in jail and 11 days of home detention if home detention is available and you agree to keep a breath tester (ignition interlock) in your car for a longer period of time).

Experienced Legal Counsel When Challenging Your BAC Test

Our Pima County DUI lawyers effectively defend clients with BACs in the .25 - .30 range on a regular basis. Armed with our substantial knowledge about the limitations on the accuracy of breath and blood testing equipment used by law enforcement agencies, we routinely and effectively challenge the admissibility of the blood and breath test results in court.

We have successfully challenged the methods and procedures used to test blood in laboratories throughout Arizona, including obtaining an order by the trial court suppressing all blood test results in 11 felony cases.

We also successfully challenged the accuracy and reliability of Intoximeters RBT-IV®. Our victory resulted in the removal of this defective machine from all use by Arizona law enforcement officers and the suppression of test results in more than 7,000 cases. By spearheading motions to obtain the CMI Intoxilyzer 8000® manufacturer’s source code and software, we helped hundreds of defendants win suppression of test results and dismissals of their cases.

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  • “Though the process was lengthy, he encouraged patience, and in the end, it paid off. My son was initially charged with two felonies. They were reduced and later dropped altogether. There were no surprise charges. We could not ask for a better outcome.”

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