Attorney Joe St. Louis Named an NACDL Best Speaker for 2019

At Nesci & St. Louis, we are pleased to announce that our own Attorney Joseph P. St. Louis was named among the best speakers by the National Association for Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) for their events in 2019.

Being named as a best speaker by NACDL is a significant honor, as this year there were about 400 total speakers who presented in educational seminars, discussion panels, and lectures at various NACDL events. The information presented at these events helps members of the legal community in the practice of criminal defense.

The legal team at Nesci & St. Louis is extremely proud of Mr. St. Louis’ achievement and continue to look forward to future presentations, lectures, and seminars led by him.

More About Joseph P. St. Louis

Attorney St. Louis is a major authority in the area of criminal defense law, frequently serving as a speaker at educational seminars sponsored by various State Bar and Defense Attorney organizations across the country. Topics on which Mr. St. Louis has spoken include DUI defense, crime lab procedures, blood testing issues and more. As a named attorney at Nesci & St. Louis with years of experience handling misdemeanor, felony, and federal criminal cases, Mr. St. Louis is a strong voice in support of our clients and their legal interests.

About the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

The NACDL is a professional organization of criminal defense attorneys focused on fostering the humane treatment of people within the criminal justice system by its inequities through the identification legal flaws and the promotion of legal reform efforts in an attempt to rectify such injustices. Members of the NACDL benefit from networking, educational, and philanthropic events, and professional resources to support their practice.

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