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Arizona Motor Vehicle Division and criminal court representation

Nesci & St. Louis, PLLC is an experienced DUI defense firm in Tucson. Our lawyers have more than 40 years of combined experience implementing effective defenses in challenging DUI cases that involve prior DUI convictions and DUI arrests while driving on a suspended license.

Penalties for driving under the influence without a valid license

A charge of DUI while driving on a suspended license is elevated to a class four felony. A conviction for this aggravated DUI results in a mandatory minimum prison term of at least four months, followed by supervised probation. Judges often hand down sentences of up to two and one-half years that do not permit a work release provision and that must be served in the state prison instead of the county jail.

If you were arrested in Pima County or anywhere else in Arizona for DUI while driving on a license that was restricted, suspended, canceled, revoked or refused, our attorneys can usually prevent the jury from hearing that the license defect is due to a prior DUI, if that is the case.

Minimum jail sentences for second DUI within seven years

A second DUI within seven years results in a mandatory minimum jail term, depending on your BAC:

  • BAC below .15 — 30 days minimum incarceration with a maximum term of up to six months
  • BAC between .15 and .20 — 60 days minimum incarceration with a maximum term of up to six months
  • BAC at .20 or above — 120 days minimum incarceration with a maximum term of up to six months

Driver license revocation for multiple DUIs

A second DUI conviction within seven years of your first offense requires a minimum one-year driver license revocation. More serious than suspension, revocation requires you to reapply for your license and be approved to again become a valid driver in Arizona. Nesci & St. Louis, PLLC strategically represents you in Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) licensing matters in addition to your criminal drunk driving charges.

Why you need aggressive counsel to represent you in an aggravated DUI

Not only are the maximum penalties higher for incurring three DUIs within seven years, but the evidentiary standards are different than in a misdemeanor trial. For example, the rules of trial procedure typically prohibit the state from submitting evidence regarding your prior arrests to the court because the information is considered too prejudicial. However, in this case, the prosecution is permitted to introduce your two prior DUI convictions for the jurors to consider because this evidence goes to the element of the crime charged. Once the jury hears about your prior DUI charges and convictions, your trial becomes difficult to win — making our focus on fighting your case through pretrial motions vitally important to a successful outcome.

Consult with our defense firm if you have been charged with a second DUI or a DUI on a suspended license

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