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Tucson attorneys representing defendants in charges of sex assault, rape, prostitution and sex offender registry violations

With more than 40 years of combined experience, our lawyers at Nesci & St. Louis, PLLC have the extensive knowledge and determination to present the most challenging defenses in sex assault, rape, prostitution and sex offenders registry violation cases. We believe that everybody has the right to fairness and justice in the criminal courts of Arizona, and we demand that your Constitutional rights be protected and honored.

Forensic evidence in sex assault and rape defenses

Law enforcement often relies on forensic evidence to solve violent crimes. Physical evidence — such as semen, hairs, clothing fibers, fingerprints and bite marks — may be pivotal in conviction or acquittal. We have extensive experience in reviewing and analyzing the forensics presented by the prosecution. Our team of scientific experts refutes and counters the state’s evidence based on our own investigation of your case.

Technology and sex crimes

Smartphones, the Internet and social media sites have changed the nature of our relationships with each other. Communication is often anonymous. An innocent flirtation on Facebook or Twitter can evolve into a charge of solicitation of a minor.  Sexting or forwarding scandalous photos of a young friend may be considered child pornography. Furthermore, information is quickly spread and evidence is easily preserved at the click of a button.

Our tech-savvy lawyers apply our knowledge about computer forensics and technology laws to build a successful defense. We demand that the government respect your First Amendment freedom of speech and your right to privacy.

Arizona sex offender registry

The Arizona Department of Public Safety maintains an online database of sex offenders that discloses vital information — such as the names, addresses, photographs and crimes — of convicted sex offenders. The list of crimes that require registration after prison time has been served includes kidnapping, sex abuse of a minor, statutory rape, sexual assault, sexual assault of a spouse, child molestation, child prostitution, solicitation of a child, sex trafficking and indecent exposure. In addition to violent attacks, some statutes also cover nonviolent — and even consensual — acts.

The public has access to this online registry, with potentially disastrous consequences to your relationships, job prospects and reputation in the community. You cannot move elsewhere to make a fresh start because you must provide law enforcement notice and register in the location where you move. After you have served your time in jail, the registry imposes a type of life sentence. Keeping you off this registry is a priority for our lawyers. We also assertively defend you against accusations that you violated the registry requirements.

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