Computer Crimes Defenses in Arizona

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Advances in technology have opened up new and expanded platforms for communication, relationships, and business. This has created new opportunities for people intent on abusing these platforms. Computers, smart phones and the Internet are closely monitored for incidents of child solicitation, possession of child pornography, prostitution, identify theft, and consumer fraud. Unfortunately, technically sophisticated criminals can use the computer of a completely innocent person to store illegal information and images, and to commit crimes. Building an effective defense against these allegations requires knowledge about technology, the applicable case law and the criminal codes.

Nesci & St. Louis is at the forefront of defending computer and cyber crimes. Our attorneys possess more than 80 years of combined experience defending against serious criminal charges, including computer crimes in state and federal courts. Criminal defense in cases involving state and federal crimes. We stay up-to-date on the newest cases involving cyber and computer crimes. Tech-savvy and with a team of experts at our disposal, we will protect your rights from any overzealous investigators or improper practices employed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Arizona Attorney General’s office or local city or county law enforcement agencies.

Online Child Pornography

The Internet makes it easier to transmit personal materials anonymously. Although possession of pornography involving adults is legal, possession of child pornography is not — and lack of knowledge as to the age of the model may not be a defense. In fact, there have been instances of the police charging older teens with distributing child pornography for innocently transmitting photographs of their barely-younger friends through social media and text messages. Conviction of offenses involving child pornography or other sex crimes may result in a lengthy prison sentence and the lifelong requirement that you register as a sexual offender with the Arizona Department of Public Safety’s online database. If you are accused of possessing, transmitting or producing child pornography, you may have a defense based on your Constitutional rights, police misconduct or lack of evidence. Call Nesci & St. Louis right away.

Defending Your Right to Privacy & Free Speech

In their pursuit of tracking down criminal offenders on the Internet and on social media sites, law enforcement officers can and do trample on the privacy and free speech rights of legitimate users, on occasion. Although the law prohibits the transmission of child pornography, solicitation of minors, sexual exploitation of minors, obscenity, cyber harassment, cyberstalking and libel, we all have a First Amendment right to expression, which includes the right to post comments and pictures that some people may find unpleasant or offensive. You cannot be charged with a crime just because the government or the public does not like what you have to say.

Another issue that frequently arises occurs when, law enforcement officers uses deceptive means to gain access to Internet chat rooms and to obtain users’ personal social media profiles. In some cases, investigators search private information without obtaining a valid warrant and may even engage in methods of investigation that border on entrapment. Our criminal law attorneys frequently use Fourth Amendment case law to seek to have evidence collected using improper or illegal police tactics suppressed during the early stages of your case.

Consult our tech-savvy attorneys about sophisticated computer crimes charges. Call Nesci & St. Louis today at (520) 999-2441 or contact us online to schedule your free initial consultation.

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