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Nesci & St. Louis, PLLC is Tucson’s premier DUI defense law firm. Our entire practice is devoted exclusively to criminal and DUI defense so that we can provide the most aggressive and effective representation in our Southern Arizona communities.

If you have been charged with aggravated DUI under Arizona Revised Statute 28-1383, you face stiffer penalties and a felony record. Our lawyers know what it takes to accomplish the best possible outcome in your case.

When DUI is charged as an aggravated felony

DUI is charged as an aggravated felony in Pima County and throughout Arizona when one or more of these additional elements applies:

  • It is your third DUI arrest within a seven-year period measured from the date of the first incident to the date of the current incident.
  • Your driver’s license was cancelled, restricted or suspended at the time of your DUI arrest.
  • A child under the age of 15 was in the vehicle at the time you were allegedly driving under the influence.

In all other cases, DUI is charged as a misdemeanor regardless of the blood alcohol content (BAC) — contrary to what most people think.

Penalties for aggravated DUI in Arizona

Aggravated DUIs predicated on prior offenses or the invalid license elements are charged as class four felonies. A charge of aggravated DUI based on the presence of a child in the car is a class six felony. A conviction for aggravated DUI raises the maximum penalties, which vary depending on the class of felony charged, whether you have prior DUI offenses and whether you were arrested on companion charges. Sentencing for a DUI felony conviction includes:

  • Mandatory state prison time — not permitted to be served in the county jail
  • Mandatory fines and surcharges on the fines
  • Mandatory ignition interlock device installation
  • Mandatory license revocation for at least three years

Why you should retain our DUI attorneys to protect your rights

If you are facing felony DUI charges in Arizona, you require aggressive, knowledgeable representation. Our DUI attorneys have the extensive backgrounds, training and focus needed to win, including:

  • Certification in Criminal Law by the State Bar of Arizona
  • Certification by the National College for DUI Defense
  • Training as Standardized Field Sobriety Test Administrators by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
  • Training as Intoxilyzer 8000® Breath Alcohol Technicians by the U.S. Department of Transportation
  • Ownership of an Intoxilyzer 8000 breath test device to use in investigative re-creations and courtroom demonstrations
  • Authorship of several books and articles about DUI defense
  • Experience as instructors to other lawyers and judges at more than 150 conferences on DUI issues

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