Tucson Defense Attorneys Representing Clients Accused of Violent Crimes in Arizona

Defenses in cases involving assault, sex assault, homicide and capital murder

Nesci & St. Louis, PLLC only handles criminal law cases in the Arizona state and federal courts. Our criminal defense lawyers possess 40 years of combined experience and accept the most challenging cases defending clients accused of violent crimes. Our team is well versed in Constitutional issues and trial practice. We use our knowledge and experience to build a strong defense.

Felony assault charges

Whereas many assaults are considered misdemeanors, serious assaults may be charged as felonies — such as assault with a deadly weapon, sexual assault, aggravated assault and domestic assault on a spouse that results in severe injuries or death. We demand proof of the alleged attack and hold the prosecution to its duty of proving each and every element of the crime. Whenever possible, our attorneys seek to have charges reduced to misdemeanors to avoid felony convictions.

Experience representing defendants who face life and death sentences

Our defense lawyers have experience representing defendants who face the harshest sentences of life in prison and the death penalty. Our attorney Joseph P. St. Louis has been designated as a Learned Counsel – allowing him to serve as lead counsel in a federal death penalty case. Joe has successfully argued to spare defendants the death sentence in the Arizona and U.S. criminal justice systems. He persuaded judges in two back-to-back first-degree murder cases to dismiss all murder charges during trial.

Up-to-date knowledge about forensic evidence

Law enforcement relies on fingerprinting, DNA analysis, computer forensics, blood splatter testing, teeth mark assessments and ballistics to solve serious crimes. However, the results of complex forensic tests often do not reflect what the prosecution purports they do. Mistakes in collection, storage and analysis of evidence can result in incorrect conclusions that put innocent people away and allow the guilty to go free. Yet because the evidence is based on scientific methods, jurors are likely to blindly accept forensic evidence as proof.

Our law firm aggressively tears apart the state’s forensic evidence in sexual assault, armed robbery and homicide trials. We consult with a team of medical, scientific and technology experts to refute the prosecution’s unreliable findings. Our experts offer effective, professional testimony at felony trials to explain technical, sophisticated information in terms that jurors and judges can understand.

Consult with our aggressive defense attorneys if you have been accused of a violent crime

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